Solar Pool Blankets and Rollers

With our most precious resource, water, becoming so scarce, it’s essential to ensure that it is looked after and retained where ever possible.

The average domestic pool in Australia can lose up to 55,000 litres of water every year through evaporation if left uncovered. The best way to minimise this is with a solar pool blanket.

The unique construction and design of our solar pool blankets helps reduce evaporative water loss by up to 80%. By reducing evaporation, the loss of pool chemicals is also minimised, saving you time and money.

The raised shape of the bubble dome surface on our pool blankets helps in the absorption of heat from the surrounding environment and minimises heat loss once the day starts to cool down. This can result in an increase of up to 8 degrees celcius prolonging the annual usable life by up to 3 months.

Installation is quick and easy and instructions are supplied for your convenience. When installed correctly the solar pool blanket catches leaves and debris allowing for easy cleaning and upkeep of your pool.

All of our custom made pool covers come with a 5 year pro-rata warranty.


Stainless steel rollers are available to suit any sized pool blanket. These strong, durable rollers are easy to assemble and offer a straight forward method of removing and storing your pool cover.

A UV resistant over cover is provided to place over your blanket and roller when in storage to help protect it.


Geoff Miller Black/White Lockdown covers are a specially formulated triple layer, UV stabilised polyethylene cover. Featuring a black underside to reduce light and a white upside to reflect heat these covers reduce eliminate the likelihood of algal growth in your pool.

Lockdown covers create a near perfect seal around your pool to ensure evaporation and chemical loss are virtually non existent.

The cover also catches any precipitation that may fall, this can then be easily deposited back in to your pool or out on the garden..

The lockdown cover can be secured around your pool with the use of our gravel bags.