Shadecloth Covers & Shadesails

Our range of shade cloths are a high quality, heavy duty knitted cloth designed to manage and modify climate conditions in a wide range of horticultural, industrial, domestic and agricultural applications.

Our shadecloth is manufactured using 100% monofilament yarn, and is remarkably strong.

It features a unique three way lock-stitch construction that ensures optimum performance in a wide range of applications and all weather extremes. Our shadecloth is designed to protect crops, stock, and other valuable assets by minimising damage from heavy rain, hail, frost, heat, wind and sun

Available are 4 grades of material to suit all applications including a 50% (Light), 70% (Medium), 80% (Heavy) and 90% (Extra Heavy).

Our range of shadecloth is available in a wide array of colours and we specialise in making custom sized covers, panels and sails.

You can create new outdoor living and entertainment areas at a surprisingly low cost with Geoff Miller shade sails.

Our sails are made with our Extra Heavy duty shadecloth and are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding Australian conditions. Sails can be permanent or temporary and can easily be removed when required.

All sails are made with a reinforced perimeter with the strongest possible stainless steel attachment points.

We specialise in the construction of custom shape, size and application jobs ensuring you receive the perfect balance between aesthetic beauty and functionality.

To ensure we provide you with the best fitting sail possible it is critical we receive exact measurements between fixing points around the perimeter. Should the job be an odd shape or not perfectly square its important to provide us with diagonal measurements also.

We can create shade covers and panels for a wide range of applications and have 40 years experience in creating custom solutions to the nursery, domestic and agricultural industry.

We also stock plenty of accessories to assist in the installation of your new Geoff Miller shade panel.