Greenhouse Plastic

Gro-Tuff ® is an Australian made top quality greenhouse film using the best available UV stabilisers to ensure a durable, long lasting cover.

Gro-Tuff ® is available in three thicknesses to accommodate most environmental conditions.

Our 150um gauge Gro-Tuff ® is a popular film for small scale greenhouse set ups perfect for the backyard.

The 180um gauge Gro-Tuff ® provides a 35% increase in impact strength, 20% increase in elongation strength and 40% better tear resistance.

Tests have also shown a minimum 15% increase in expected life span.

Since the introduction of our new thicker 200um Gro-Tuff ® It has fast become our most popular choice. Providing further strength and life expectancy to our covers resulting in less down time and saving valuable time and money.

All films also come with an Anti-Fog additive to help reduce the incidences of condensation collection on the inside of the cover.

All film variations come in 7.5 metre roll widths but we can custom fabricate sizes to suit any Greenhouse.

2m wide and 3m wide wall film in 180um thick film is also available for your needs.

As with most films of this nature, we offer a 2 year pro-rata Warranty on UV degradation. With care and proper installation a much longer life can be achieved.

It is important to note that the use of most chemicals will adversely affect the life span of Gro-Tuff Greenhouse film.