Dam/Pond Liners

Our Dam Liners are made from first-grade agricultural polyethylene and are available in 200um and 300um thicknesses. And can be made to suit smaller ponds.

Designed as a low cost, easy to install solution to water storage for leaking dams, porous soil or possible water table contamination. Our liners are custom made to suit your needs and are nearly maintenance free once in place.

All of our dam liners are packaged on a 75mm heavy duty core and are heavily protected to ensure no damage occurs during transport. Instructions are included as a separate flyer with indicative marks on the liner to show which direction to roll out the liner.

Preparation is very straight forward requiring only for the dam surface to be as smooth as possible and free of sharp or abrasive materials. A layer of sand can be used to create a smooth base.

A slit trench needs to be dug around the perimeter of the dam approximately 100mm wide x 200mm deep.

The dam needs to be empty as water in the dam can create surface tension adhesion, making the opening of the liner very difficult.

It is handy to have sand bags ready as weights for holding down edges during installation.

Our dam liners have been designed to ensure that installation is straight forward and simple as possible. Once the dam liner is rolled out along the side of the dam it has been folded to allow the liner to flow out down the dam wall.

For further installation instructions please call us for a free copy of our Installation Manual.

Direct exposure to UV Rays can cause premature aging of the liner material. Where possible it is important to keep the material out of UV light. This can be assisted by back filling over the liner with soil, where this is not possible we can supply a special UV stabilised Bank Protection Matting to help prolong the life of the liner. This matting contains a sewn pocket to carry a ballast weight to minimise movement once in place.

Dam Liner Brochure Download our Dam Liner Installation Brochure