Silage Formula Black/White Covers

Silage Formula ™ silage film is a high grade co-extruded polyethylene film designed to provide maximum protection for silage pits.

The extrusion process bonds three layers of film together to produce a silage film that provides exceptional strength.

All three layers of our silage film are made from top quality raw materials and the best UV stabilisers available are added.

The upper white layer has been specially designed to reflect both light and heat away from the silage pit, reducing the likelihood of pit fires and minimising mould growth beneath the silage cover.

The central layer of polyethylene acts as a stabiliser providing additional strength and resistance against punctures and tearing.

The bottom black layer absorbs any remaining light that may still be present to further prevent mould and fungal growth whilst providing exceptional strength and puncture resistance from silage material.

When covering your silage pit it is important to always ensure that as much air as possible is forced out of the pit before creating an air tight seal. Always firmly secure all edges of the silage cover to prevent movement during storms and winds.

Silage Formula ™ silage film is available in 150um and 200um thickness. Roll lengths are 50m and can be supplied in widths varying from 6m up to and in some cases wider than 45m. Jumbo rolls also available.